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Rubber to Copper bonded

Rubber to metal bonding is our speciality and strength. Prasee Rubber & Plastic Technology is having best facilities for bonding process. Rubber has to be bonded to metal parts for functional requirements for various applications in static as well as dynamic conditions.

Chemical and physical bonding strength has to be developed in the required quantum to withstand the various types of shocks, vibrations and sealing. Rubber to metal bonding comes in wide variety like mountings, bushings, seals, bearings, shock absorbers, buffers etc. Prasee Rubber & Plastic Technology has the choice to bond rubber to bakelite, fabric and all metals.

Prasee Rubber & Plastic Technology proves its performances and getting repeated orders from its customers for excellence in bonding. Prasee Rubber & Plastic Technology more specialized in,

  • Rubber to Stainless steel bonding ( CF8M, 304, 202 & etc.,).
  • Rubber to Brass bonding.
  • Rubber to Copper bonding.
  • Rubber to Aluminium bonding.
  • Rubber to Mild steel / WCB bonding.
  • Rubber to Carbon steel bonding.
  • Rubber to Cast Iron and SG Iron bonding.
  • Rubebr to Bakelite bonding.
  • Rubber to Fabric bonding ( Nylon, Polyster, Cotton ).
  • Prasee Rubber & Plastic Technology has In-house facilities to validate adhesion properties.