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Rubber Valve parts

Prasee Rubber Technology produces knife gate valve seats, wedge gate valve seats, butterfly valve seats, butterfly disc lining, loose liners, rubber lined , butterfly bodies.

A butterfly valve seat is a type of flow control devise, typically used to regulate o fluid flowing through a section of pipe. It requires good quality of resilient rubber seat. The rubber seat may either reinforced or without reinforced (loose liners).

Prasee Rubber Technology makes butterfly valve seats, bonded with Steel, aluminum and bakelite. Other types are directly bonded with body. The resilient seats should satisfy high mechanical properties, aging properties, good swell properties and resilience with higher end of purity to improve its working performance.

We have wide range of elastomers / compounds to meet international standards. The other Rubber Valve parts are Knife gate valve seats , wedge gate linings, butterfly valve disc lining (disc encapsulation).

Prasee Rubber Technology's Butterfly valve seats are having the following advantages,

  • Outstanding operational performance.
  • High reliability.
  • Extended service life.
  • Low operational torque values.
  • Excellent sealing performance.
  • Wide range of applications.
  • Wide temperative range.
  • Customized to specific applications.